About Us

About Us

In California, farming has always been a
family tradition. The land and the skill to
cultivate it have been passed
from generation to generation.

Farming for Generations

At Alpine Pacific Nut Co., Inc. we’ve been farming in the Central Valley for six generations. It’s a common ground of know-how, experience, and tradition that links Catherine and John Mundt with those who have gone before. We walk the same orchards and face the same challenges as the family members who set the standard – family members like Catherine’s father, David Hendley. Today we process more than 75 million pounds of walnuts each year. Since entering the processing and marketing arena, our volume has increased steadily, which allows us to maintain a consistent inventory throughout the year.

We are a company dedicated to quality, reliability, and safety.

We rely on the right products, processes, and people to assure optimum performance.

Grounded in Success

Through the years our family values, our vision, and our commitment to quality, reliability, and safety have allowed us to exceed our expectations for growth and profitability. Catherine and I are proud of what we’ve accomplished to date. Our goals for the future are ambitious, optimistic, and attainable. We believe we offer California’s finest walnuts. We invite you to find out for yourself. With a solid product, sound processes, and a strong team, we’re grounded in success. If you’d like more information about our products and services, please contact us.

Thank you for considering Alpine Pacific Nut Co., Inc. We would be honored to meet your needs for quality walnuts.